Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association, Incorporated

This Association of Amalgamated (meaning united) Supermarkets was born in 1986 with the purpose of establishing rapport and harmonious relationship among operators of supermarkets serving the masses (class B, C, D market) in order to promote and safeguard their interest and that of the consuming public.

It also intends:

  1. To give assistance to members in the procurement of supermarket items at the most favorable terms to enable them to sell to the consuming public at the lowest possible price.
  2. To work closely with the government or its agencies and instrumentalities for the adoption/effective implementation of laws, ordinances, and rules affecting the interest of tis members and the consuming public.
  3. To organize, conduct and carry on any activity whatsoever which is necessary for or incidental for the purposes of the Association.

PAGASA had nine founding members which included Uniwide Sales, RFC Supermart, Cesar’s Supermart, Liana’s Supermart, and Welcome Supermart to name a few. Through the years, the Association involved itself in various concerns encountered by the supermarket and retail industry. It acted as a springboard for opprotunities offered to the members of this Group. It was a voice in the industry; a lookout for wayward members; a medium for industry info.

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