Integrity Net Solutions

H O W    W E    S T A R T E D
Integrity Net is a company established in 2009 and is professionally working with companies in USA and Australia serving all their call center needs, and now planning to expand in the local Philippine market. It was founded at Houston,United States, Integrity Net Call Center was able to enlarge and hit it on the call center industry, thus expanding its business in the Philippine market by October 2010.
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Launched in 2012, IntegrityPBX, an ultra-reliable phone system, supported by a special system has been saving different organizations’ money and enabling them to focus on achieving core goals and covet success without worrying about over costing phone bills. IntegrityPBX’ reliability has been greatly appreciated by these organizations as it boasts its affordable yet unsurpassed and unlimited features.

IntegrityNet had provided employment to a number of people who has a heart for innovation. IntegrityNet had produced a one-of-a-kind and today’s most advanced and innovative software that secures credit card data on payment transactions made over the phone. It is the best software without hardware installation requirements that will help any organizations that accept payments over the phone protect the credit card data of their customers and comply with PCI DSS. IntegrityPCI will help gain the loyalty and confidence of their clients.

IntegrityNet started with only 10 people and to date, because of its passion for excellence and dedication to rendering quality service , IntegrityNet is one of the fastest growing companies in the Philippines.

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