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Buy N Earn Food Machineries and Technology Inc.

#2337 Dalaga St., Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, Philippines
T: (02) 251 2269 | (02) 253 6591
M: +63 906 432 8560 | +63 933 342 4538
F: (02) 253 6598 |

Buy N Earn (BNE) Food Machineries and Technology Inc. or “BNE” was established in the year 2013 by Mr. and Mrs. Dulo L. Chua. It is a small-to-medium scale company that deals with the local fabrication of different food processing equipment for the establishment of restaurants, kiosks, food commissaries, and processing facilities. BNE’s products and services include setting up and designing of food processing lines and machineries, repair of existing food machines, and the manufacture of equipment for different food processes like drying, grinding, shredding, frying, grilling, broiling, steaming, homogenizing, pulverizing, baking, proofing, mixing and blending, and a whole lot more.

The rationale behind the company name and logo is very simple. For the name, we wanted to establish a name which showed what it truly means to buy a machine from BNE – “Buy a machine and Earn in return”. As for the logo, the management wanted the logo to reflect a semi-circular configuration which depicts the world. Within the design are embodies two curvi-linear strokes to imbue a sense of dynamic energy motion – representing power.

Anchored and inspired by the philosophy of Philippine countryside development, BNE began to cater to almost all parts of the country. Now with a wide array of products and services, BNE is determined to continue to create and search for better and more innovative equipment solutions which will suit to every plant need. Through this, BNE has earned and is continuing to earn the trust and confidence of the food processing industry today. Inspired by this successful breakthrough, BNE is determined to pursue its vision to become world-renowned in the field of food processing.



BNE’s mission is to provide on-time total food processing solutions to its customers based on commitment, reliability, and experience.

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BNE’s vision is to be the leading fabricator and distributor of food processing equipment for the Philippines by 2020. The company management aims to do this by placing more emphasis on quality and innovation of products. It aims to undergo and implement extensive Kaizen or continuous improvement techniques and to engage further in research and development strategies to promote lower costs for higher quality products and services.


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